The 60 Day Question

Often we get asked for advice for working out along the lines of, “what happens if I miss a few workouts” ? Life happens, we know this and so do you. If you skip a couple of days, its ok. Just because it is a 60 day workout program does not mean you have to finish it in 60 days. If you can, great, but if not just pick up where you left off. If you miss 1 or 2 days then just keep going from the last workout on the calendar you did. Let’s say you get sick, or you have an injury and you miss a week or two. At that point our helpful fitness tip would be going back and starting the week over and then continuing. A lot of this depends on how far in to the program you are, but generally if you would want to go back and redo at least 1 week for every week you missed to make up for the progress missed. This will give you the best results from our online workout in the end. For example if you were on day 2 of week 5 and you missed 2 weeks, start week 4 over and keep following our extreme workout program from there.