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what's in program
Rippedism is a 60 day program consisting of 17 workouts. The program can be done at home, in a relatively small area. The program is broken into 3 tiers:

TIER I: Cardio and Muscular Endurance
Here you will start to build a foundation that will get your body primed for the rest of the workout. You will build cardiovascular stamina and muscular endurance to prepare for the 2nd Tier of the program.

TIER II: Strength and Muscle Building
In this tier, the exercises are not always fast-paced, but controlled movements with heavier weights that will increase your power and muscle mass. Even though it is slower, you will still be out of breath and sweating at ton! This tier also includes an intense cardio day.

TIER III: Shred and Carve
This is what puts the “ripped” in RIPPEDISM. This tier is intense. Feel free to pause the video, catch your breath and come back for more. If you can make it through some of these workouts without hitting pause you are a beast! This tier will focus not only on making you look amazing, but also on making you more athletically fit.

The 17 videos hit every single muscle in your body. We have a video called “Upper Deck” for the entire upper body. “The Cellar” and “The Foundation” hits your legs, “The Cage” your core. “The Pipes” will give you the arms you have always dreamed of. “The Surge” will challenge you as it works on cardio and plyo together! Mixed in throughout is “The Equalizer” which focuses on isometric strength and flexibility. Those are just the workouts in Tier I and II. In Tier III you will face the “Thorax Attack” which targets your chest while doing cardio, “The Last Stand” which blasts your legs and more cardio, “Back Breacher” which will cut up your back and yes, there is more cardio, “Delta” which burns your shoulders with cardio, and finally, “Joint Chiefs” which cooks your arms and – you guessed it – more cardio!

Ladies, this program will not make you bulky, simply use less weight and you will tone up quickly. Of course, if you really push it, you can also become ripped!

We recommend the following equipment:

*Dumbbells from 5 lbs up to 50 lbs
*A pull-up bar (if you don’t have this, you can use your dumbbells)
*A mat for ground exercises

Check out Jeff’s home set up!

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