Mental Tip from Stu!

The mental game:
Working out is more of a mental grind than physical sometimes. To get started in creating a better workout mentality, think of your motivation to get fit and let that drive you to start your workout and get through it. Personal vanity to look better, health concerns, stress relief, whatever it is, one of the most valuable tips for exercise is to have a goal and be proud of yourself when you finish a workout and move toward your goal. I don’t workout because it’s fun for me. It’s hard. The couch is so much more comfortable than the pain of a workout. I often want to quit in the first 5 minutes once I start. So mentally I have to dig deep and remember why I am doing it. I also remind myself that once I work up a sweat, the workout gets easier and soon I will feel amazing both mentally and physically. The work will never be easy, but that feeling when you finish gets addicting and will keep you coming back! Find out for yourself and subscribe to our fitness training plans today!

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