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About The Program 

Rippedism is the most efficient 60 day program on the market, so you can get ripped at home without going to a gym.

It is an intense workout plan that will absolutely burn fat off your body, and give you the ripped physique you have always wanted.  The program can be fierce, but you can still work at your own pace and at your own level. You can do the exercises "all out" or you can go more slowly. You can do harder versions of the exercises, or modified ones. Stu and Jeff walk you through it. The program will require you to work hard, but you will love the results when you are finished. 

Other Notes : Our program is based on 2 key pillars: Fast, effective workouts + a fitness diet plan. We utilize 3 unique training tiers. Every 20 days we change up the workouts so your body will always be adapting to new kinds of exercises and workouts. The way our 3 tier approach is laid out will help you get ripped at home, fast.

We recommend the following equipment for our intense workout plan.

*Dumbbells from 5 lbs up to 50 lbs

*A pull-up bar (if you don't have this, you can use your dumbbells)

*A mat for ground exercises


Meet Your Trainers

Jeff Hirsch

Jeff is a long-time athlete who has competed on a high level in various sports including track and field, and ice hockey. Jeff is a tri-athlete, boot camp instructor and an ISSA certified personal trainer. He has also appeared as a fitness model / motivator in several major fitness programs

Stu Lopoten

Stu has had a passion for Fitness for a long time. He loves training others to achieve their goals and create their best body. He is a NASM certified personal trainer and teaches classes in New York City that involve cardio sculpting, boot camps, high intensity intervals and resistance training. 

Jeff & Stu are the founders of XFA Fitness. Known for their intense HIIT Style training, they developed the Rippedism program to allow anyone to get in amazing shape with minimal equipment. With Jeff & Stu you will work hard, but you WILL SEE RESULTS

Tier 1 / Days 1-20 Cardio & Muscular Endurance

6 different workouts. 6 Days a week. Here you will start to build a foundation that will get your body primed. You will build cardiovascular stamina and muscular endurance to prepare for the 2nd Tier of our online workout plan. Cardio mixed with weights keeping your muscles firing nonstop for 35 minutes. Upper Body, Lower Body, Core, Cardio, Stretch. It all gets worked hard in this first 20 days. 

Tier 2 / Days 21-40 Strength & Muscle Building

All new workouts in this tier, you will work with time under tension principle to build and strengthen your muscles. You will increase your muscle mass and power with these split body part routines. Even though the workout movements are slower, you will still be drenched in sweat as we incorporate HIIT training to keep your muscles firing for the entire workout. This tier also includes an intense full body cardio workout.   

Tier 3 / Days 41-60 Shred & Carve

One again, all new workouts so your body never has time to adapt and plateau. This tier is what puts the "Ripped" in Rippedism. This tier is tough, really tough. We work individual muscle groups mixing in intense cardio intervals to make you more athletically fit while shredding and carving your entire body. If you can make it through some of these workouts without taking a break, you are a beast. Get ready to sweat & burn. 

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