Jeff & Stu – The Creators of RIPPEDISM

Jeff Hirsch

Jeff is a long-time athlete who has competed on a high level in various sports including track and field, and ice hockey. Jeff is a tri-athlete, boot camp instructor and an ISSA certified personal trainer. He has also appeared as a fitness model / motivator in several major fitness programs.

Stu Lopoten

Stu has had a passion for Fitness for a long time. He loves training others to achieve their goals and create their best body. He is a NASM certified personal trainer and teaches classes in New York City that involve cardio sculpting, boot camps, high intensity intervals and resistance training. 

As the founders of XFA Fitness, Jeff Hirsch and Stu Lopoten are certified and highly experienced online workout trainers. Known for their intense HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) style, Jeff and Stu developed this ripped exercise program to help anyone of any skill level get in amazing shape while using only minimal equipment. As you follow their exercises to get ripped and burn fat, you’ll work hard, but you’ll also see results. Whether you’d like to use Rippedism's exercises to get ripped or to just get into better shape, Jeff Hirsch and Stu Lopoten are online personal trainers that are here to help you create the results you want.