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Your Online Fitness Trainers. The Founders Of XFA Fitness & Creators Of The Rippedism At-Home Exercise Program

Jeff Hirsch is a long-time athlete who has competed on a high level in various sports including track and field, and ice hockey. Jeff is a tri-athlete, boot camp instructor and an ISSA certified personal trainer. He has also appeared as a fitness model / motivator in several major fitness programs.

​Stu Lopoten has had a passion for Fitness for a long time. He loves training others to achieve their goals and create their best body. He is a NASM certified personal trainer and teaches classes in New York City that involve cardio sculpting, boot camps, high intensity intervals and resistance training. 

Get Ripped In Just 60 Days

Take the challenge and join online fitness trainers Stu & Jeff for 60 days of fat burning, muscle carving and body shredding performance.

Hi there. I just wanted to write a quick note to let you know that I recently completed all 60 days of Rippedism and I absolutely loved it! Having previously done P90X3, Insanity and many of the Nike Training workouts, I had a solid foundation for this program. What I like most about Rippedism is that I never found myself getting bored. 35 minutes, while certainly not easy, flew by no matter which workout I was doing.

Having started the Rippedism program in pretty good shape already, I still found these workouts extremely challenging and rewarding. Jeff and Stu (in particular) make it a point to remind the viewers at home to take breaks if necessary; however, I consistently challenged myself and was able to complete the program without having to do so. That said, I am sure my transition between exercises took me a second or two longer than theirs did and sometimes in Tier 3, I would have to stop for a few seconds during the cardio portion if the burn on my muscles was too great. Having been a huge supporter of P90X3, I put Rippedism right on par with that program. For those who are new to home video workouts, I highly recommend Rippedism, with the caveat that you may need to pause or take breaks during your workout. Now, if only I could adhere to the recommended eating plan.

Lastly, this workout program is really great! Stu and Jeff have a nice chemistry. They are motivating without being annoying. The background set is more pleasant to look at than the gymnasium used in Insanity and I like the overall vibe. I have told many friends about the program! Great program!

Sari L. 

The Workouts That Will Get You Ripped