Helpful Hints

Getting your workout in:
If you are not fitness obsessed and not the type who will workout anytime of day to make sure you get your workout in, a really helpful workout tip is to make a routine. If you work late, get up early and spend 35 minutes with us before you shower. You’ll have energy all day. Maybe your lunch break or before dinner is better for you. Regardless, think of working out as your job – something you check off every day like brushing your teeth. You fit your job into your life every day. Shouldn’t your health be as important? It will be hard to start your routine, but in short time you will be addicted to it and how you feel.

The mental game:
Working out is more of a mental grind than physical sometimes. Think of your motivation to get fit and let that drive you to start your workout and get through it. Personal vanity to look better, health concerns, stress relief, whatever it is, one of the best exercise routine tips is have a goal and be proud when you finish a workout and move toward it. I don’t workout because it’s fun for me. It’s hard. You go to work to pay your bills. So figure out why getting fit is important to you. Vanity, health, energy, stress relief and knowing I can eat more food all work for me, depending on the day 🙂 Join the Rippedism 60-day fitness transformation today to get more helpful fitness advice like this and ensure the success of your workouts!

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