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Jeff Hirsch

ISSA Certified

Jeff is a long-time athlete who has competed on a high level in various sports including track and field, and ice hockey. Jeff is a tri-athlete, boot camp instructor.

Stu Lopoten

NASM Certified

Stu loves training others to achieve their goals and create their best body. He teaches classes in New York City that involve cardio sculpting, boot camps, high intensity intervals and resistance training. 

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You know Stu & Jeff from platforms like Qinetic & Neo U. Now you can train with them every day using effective and focused programs..

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"One of the most impressive qualities of this program is that it is a tiered system, which means that you’ll start at a certain fitness level and continue to build upon your progress so that you can achieve a new and better fitness level every time.
With their years of experience in the fitness and health industry, you can be certain that you are in good hands. Their direction and guidance will help you transform your body so that you can achieve your goals.

- Supplement Police


This is an excellent and comprehensive fitness program. It covers all bases very nicely. The program as a whole is based on the periodization principal.

This program is put together very well and is perfect for the home exerciser. Minimal equipment is needed, the workouts are short but effective and they build you up nicely through the phases. Tier 3 is the most advanced and difficult of the 3 phases, so you need to do Tiers 1 & 2 to prep yourself for it. Rippedism covers 3 training phases that are probably the most relevant to the home exerciser.

- Blogger)

I was thinking of emailing you guys and seeing about Rippedism 2! Rippedism is without a doubt my number 1 stand alone workout program. You guys nailed everything on the head with it, and I have done just about every program you can find from Beachbody, Youtube and Daily Burn.

Great work guys, cannot wait!!

- Austin R. Alaska

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