Consistency In The Kitchen. The Other Half Of It

Hi everyone. Jeff here. When it comes to any workout program, a good and well thought out plan is key. This is of course what we think about when we are creating the workouts for our 60-day fitness transformation programs. Having a calendar to follow and staying consistent is of the utmost importance for the best results. It is a key part of the entire process. But there are 2 halves to the process.  The other half of course is what you are eating. Staying consistent with the diet can sometimes be more difficult than staying consistent with the workouts. I found over the years that a great healthy eating tip for working out is sticking to the same kind of meals every day, because it makes it a lot easier to stay on track. Find something that you like that is recommended as part of the foods you should be eating and try to prepare a meal around that. If you can stick to the same healthy and well balanced meals every day, it will make the eating part much easier to stick to. Here is what I eat every day for breakfast. It hasn’t changed in many years. It works for me.

Each morning consists of  drinking 2, 12 ounce glasses of water. One before my breakfast and one after. The one before my breakfast I squeeze in an ounce of apple cider vinegar. It is important to drink water in the morning as you will dehydrated from sleeping so long without any fluids from the night before.

After that, I  have 3 main components to my breakfast:  Eggs, a smoothie and oatmeal.

Here is a quick breakfast recipe that I use every day.

The Shake consists of almond or cashew milk ( plain unsweetened). I add in a scoop of vegetarian based protein powder. I happen to have a dairy aversion, so I stay away from whey protein. Sun warrior brand works well for me. Then I add in some fiber. I put a scoop of wheat grass, a scoop of psyllium husk and a scoop of flax meal. After that I add in some blueberries and strawberries and a banana. That all gets blended.

Next, on to the eggs. Pretty simple. 3 Eggs Scrambled. I add in some black pepper, turmeric, and a dash of hot sauce on top.

Then comes the mighty oatmeal. I use about 1 cup of oatmeal, mix it with water and puree unsweetened pumpkin.

I microwave that for 3 1/2 minutes and then add in cinnamon and a teaspoon of honey and mix it all up.

After that, breakfast is served. This quick breakfast recipe takes me about 10 minutes to prepare. It has plenty of protein, a good amount of healthy carbs and fiber.  So find something you like that adheres to the foods you should be eating. Get a good recipe down and make it every day. Staying consistent with your food will help you from straying. It keeps you on track, just like following your workout calendar. Look for a future post regarding lunch. To find more healthy eating tips for working out, subscribe to Rippedism today!