Stu talks about a great weight lifting tip called “the squeeze” and how it can help you achieve maximum results. Positive visualization of your results is some of the most valuable advice for exercise we could give, and “the squeeze” is exactly that. When you’re lifting weights, however large or […]

Getting more out of each repetition

Happy New Year ! Thanks for everyone for subscribing and also thank you and hello to all our new 2018 subscribers. We promise, we have some new and exciting content coming soon in 2018. Stay tuned! I am starting out this year doing a new chest / cardio routine we […]

Happy New Year

Don’t underestimate the importance of rest days. Your body needs time to recover and heal. That will help you in making those gains. So make sure to follow the workout breaks posted in the calendar. A good soak in a hot bath can loosen you up, relax your muscles and […]

Don’t forget to relax 

  What I eat for breakfast every day is a good workout meal example: Scrambled eggs, steel cut oatmeal and a shake. The shake is comprised of cashew milk, banana, berries, flax meal, wheat grass and unflavored pea protein powder. The Oats have cinnamon ( to help regulate blood sugar […]

Jeff’s Breakfast

  Thank you to all of our members / users. We are so happy that you are enjoying the workouts. We know there are many different workout programs out that and we are really happy that you have chosen Rippedism to be a part of your workout life. Remember to […]

Spread The Word

For the past 2 years, we have be fortunate enough to be invited to warm up the runners/walkers at the Susan G Komen race for the cure in Philadelphia. This is a great cause that raises awareness and funds to help battle breast cancer. This past Mother’s day we had the […]

Great Day In Philly

We get emails from people who are interested in training for a certain type of fitness results. So I figured we could address that here. The 60 day workout plan is meant to be a transformation program taking your from not fit to very fit…or if you started already fit, […]

Tier Focused Training