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This is an excellent and comprehensive fitness program. It covers all bases very nicely. The program as a whole is based on the periodization principal.

This program is put together very well and is perfect for the home exerciser. Minimal equipment is needed, the workouts are short but effective and they build you up nicely through the phases. Tier 3 is the most advanced and difficult of the 3 phases, so you need to do Tiers 1 & 2 to prep yourself for it. Rippedism covers 3 training phases that are probably the most relevant to the home exerciser.​

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One of the most impressive qualities of this program is that it is a tiered system, which means that you’ll start at a certain fitness level and continue to build upon your progress so that you can achieve a new and better fitness level every time.
With their years of experience in the fitness and health industry, you can be certain that you are in good hands. Their direction and guidance will help you transform your body so that you can achieve your goals.

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Testimonials From Real Customers

I was thinking of emailing you guys and seeing about Rippedism 2! Rippedism is without a doubt my number 1 stand alone workout program. You guys nailed everything on the head with it, and I have done just about every program you can find from Beachbody, Youtube and Daily Burn.

Great work guys, cannot wait!!

Austin R. Alaska                

Rippedism is a great overall program. I am a 47 year old male who has done many of these types of programs over the years. I found this one to be very effective and extremely challenging. The program is essentially a combination of strength, cardio and core fitness. If you complete the program and eat like a normal person, you will definitely notice big time results. There are 3 "tiers" to the program, each one getting (in my opinion) a little more difficult (meaning tier 3 is the hardest). In fact, even as someone who was in pretty good shape on day 1 when the program started, there were a few tier 3 workouts that I simply could not get through without taking breaks.

I mentioned that I have done many of these programs in the past. Included among them are P90X (very good), P90X2 (terrible), p90X 3 (decent), Body Beast (decent), and Hammer and Chisel (average at best). Rippedism is most closely comparable to the original p90x, with Rippedism winning out for a few reasons. First and foremost it is much cheaper. You get virtually the same type of challenging workout for a much cheaper price. Second, it can be watched on your phone or laptop, which means you can take it with you if you are away from home. I did the program while on vacation and while on business travel. And for those who for some reason don't want to do it at home, you can do it at the gym.

Overall Rippedism is a fantastic program. I highly recommend it.

David E. 
New Jersey                 

Hi there. I just wanted to write a quick note to let you know that I recently completed all 60 days of Rippedism and I absolutely loved it! Having previously done P90X3, Insanity and many of the Nike Training workouts, I had a solid foundation for this program. What I like most about Rippedism is that I never found myself getting bored. 35 minutes, while certainly not easy, flew by no matter which workout I was doing.

Tier 1 was a good introduction into the program and I really liked the flow of workouts from day to day. I found the mix of weights, cardio and cardio with weights to be a nice blend of exercises with each day feeling different than the one prior. For those people considering beginning the Rippedism program, day 2’s “The Surge” was extremely challenging. I would tell those people that I actually found that workout to be the most physically taxing of all the workouts in the 60 day program; so if you can get through that one, you can get through any of them.

Tier 2 was my favorite in many regards. While doing it, I almost felt like it was a break from the cardio intensive workouts of Tier 1. However, my post-exercise sore muscles showed me otherwise. At times I felt as though the one minute breaks between sets was a bit long, but ultimately, that did not impact my success in Tier 2. I never woke up dreading any of the workouts in this tier and sadly, the three weeks came and went entirely too quickly!

Tier 3 – Wow! I mean that in the best (and worst) possible way! While workout for workout, I don’t think any of them in Tier 3 were overall as physically taxing as “The Surge” in Tier 1, these were three tough weeks. Each week consisted of five straight days of intense weights followed by even more intense cardio. The breaks were short but just long enough to catch my breath and begin again. It was during Tier 3 that I really felt the most improvement in my body.

Having started the Rippedism program in pretty good shape already, I still found these workouts extremely challenging and rewarding. Jeff and Stu (in particular) make it a point to remind the viewers at home to take breaks if necessary; however, I consistently challenged myself and was able to complete the program without having to do so. That said, I am sure my transition between exercises took me a second or two longer than theirs did and sometimes in Tier 3, I would have to stop for a few seconds during the cardio portion if the burn on my muscles was too great. Having been a huge supporter of P90X3, I put Rippedism right on par with that program. For those who are new to home video workouts, I highly recommend Rippedism, with the caveat that you may need to pause or take breaks during your workout. Now, if only I could adhere to the recommended eating plan.

Lastly, this workout program is really great! Stu and Jeff have a nice chemistry. They are motivating without being annoying. The background set is more pleasant to look at than the gymnasium used in Insanity and I like the overall vibe. I have told many friends about the program! Great program!

Sari L. 

​That was Bananas. Toughest one I have ever done out of all the programs. BY FAR. Low plank walk ... Are you sh***** me!!!

Jake S. 

​That was ridiculous x 10! I'm literally on a serious mission now. I was literally on my hands and knees soaking wet. I am deeply humbled! I'm sore all over... a good sore. Tight. Thank god I used light weight. My legs are so blown up I feel like a cave man....The workouts walk the walk and they really CRUSH IT. AND I say that with the confidence of doing the beach body programs and being a guy who was running 8-10 miles a day. Just told my wife I will be shredded in a month!

Tom P. 
New York City

​Stu and Jeff are awesome! Not over the top annoying like most of the other programs I've done. It's really, really challenging, but you can pace yourself! So worth the money! I will be repeating it!

Jane B.
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