Can’t Do Pull-ups ? Yes you can. Here is how to start

Do you want to do a pull-ups, but feel like you can’t ? This pull-up guide shows you an easy way to start doing them. Here is a quick video on how to start doing pull-ups for your home based workouts:

You can start building your strength to do pull-ups by starting out with just lifting weights in the same arm and shoulder motions used in a pull-up. Once you’ve progressed more, you can use a chair or a step-stool to help pull you up over the bar by using a leg as a counterweight. Make sure you maintain proper pull-up form to prevent any muscle strains or injury. With this method it’s easy to control your own resistance according to which muscles you want to focus on building, and soon you’ll be doing pull-ups in no time. Join Rippedism today for more fitness tips like these from our certified personal trainers.

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